At Baz International, we specialize in providing high-quality packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right packaging solution for your business. We offer a range of services to help you customize and enhance your packaging, including printing, lamination, and slitting services.

Foil One-Piece Heat Conduction Seal

Pulp Board & Foil Two-Piece Heat Induction Seal

Besides decoration the bottle / container . Lt provides glossy look to the products the excellent Quality of the sleeve compared to conventional – type of paper labels. Our products ar gives a very attractive look to the produsts adding to their marketability. It provides protectionb against scratches. Dust . dampness & ensuring safe delivery

Mineral Water, Cooking Oil, Jam, Jellies, Josses, Pesticides, Insecticides,  Lubericants, Cosmetics, Beverages, Auto Spare Parts, Sports Goods, Export qulity Cloth, Stationery, Mobile Phone Sims Card Packing etc.

High Reliability, Graphic Orientation And Beautiful Multipacks Of Your Products.

PDC multipacking & twin packing systems allow CPG companies to create twin packs of their products right on their production lines, without the additional labor, freight and multiple handling required to assemble these packs by a third party. When twin packs are needed, tooling is installed on the inline machine, or product is diverted onto a spur conveyor through the machine and shrink tunnel. Systems can also be set up off-line, in a production or distribution area, for twin packing on an “as needed” basis.

Multipacks are popular and required for many discount and club stores, and unless done in line, can result in greatly reduced margins. Adding inline machinery minimizes costs and keeps efficiency high.

Shrink sleeves can be printed with attractive graphics and with large billboard space for art, helping build your brand. The systems can also orient the graphics with precise side-to-side placement.

PDC multi-packing systems are used most often when packages are identical, but adapt well to programs involving packages that are different in type and size.
PDC Multipackers can be based on a number of different machine models, and an also easily be tooled as a single-product shrink labeler for individual packages.

Rom Prototype Samples To Production Runs, PDC Can Handle All Facets Of Your Shrinksleeving Project!

PDC International’s broad experience with shrinksleeve labeling is based on work with thousands of applications. With over 35 years of experience throughout the Americas and Europe, our substantial technical knowledge will insure that your package looks its best and that your expectations are met and exceeded.

PDC offers Contract Sleeving Services in our Connecticut facility which can help you in every phase of your sleeving project including:

Our in-house production line has a complete range of equipment capable of shrinking even the most difficult shrinksleeve labels.

Easy Peel Heat Induction Seal

Foam Polystyrene Pressure Seal

Foam Polyethylene Cap Liner